My Favorite Fonts

From my “Best Free Fonts” video, here is the list + download links of each font. Hope you all like the fonts!

πŸ’• S E R I F
1. Baskerville by John Baskerville and modified by Impallari Type
2. Modern No. 20 by Ed Benguiat

πŸ’• S A N S S E R I F
3. Avenir by Adrian Frutiger
Avenir Next / Avenir Next Condensed
4. Futura by Paul Renner
5. Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic
6. Moderne Sans by Marius Kempken:
7. Sonder by Andrew Herndon
8. Andale Mono by Steve Matteson
9. Monaco by Susan Kare & Kris Holmes.

πŸ’• H A N D W R I T T E N
10. Art Typo by Creative Tacos
11. Quentin
12. Delirium by Ana’s Fonts
13. Signatura Monoline by Ian Mikraz

πŸ’• D E C O R A T I V E
14. Nyam by Drizy
15. Keep on Truckin’ by Brain Eaters Font Co

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