Meet Eli (I call her eliwelipeli.) This girl’s always up for anything. When I shot her, I was telling her to do some weeeeird poses (that didn’t make to cut, sad to say the least HAHA!) and she STILL DID THEM. GO ELI! HAHA! I met her freshman year in college and she, along with our friend, Karen, actually opened up my eyes to the issue of gender inequality.

When I was 16, I had 0 idea about prejudice against women. I did not know (at all) on what feminism meant. The word looked intimidating to me. As always, I turned to Youtube and searched for resources I could understand. I was led to Chimamanda Ngozi’s TedTalk, We should all be feminists. Then, I discovered Tavi Gevinson. At that time, she was a 17-years old, and she had a Ted Talk. That’s such an achievement, so I just had to hear her speak.

She talked about what makes a strong female character. Tavi spoke on how movies and tv shows can be problematic when they condense female characters into having one-dimensional personalities. She also spoke on being a teen girl and figuring life out. (You can tell that she’s such a big inspiration to me, hehe.)

Listening to that TedTalk led me to Tavi’s online magazine-turned-book, Rookie Mag. I read her essay on the male gaze, and Lexi Harder’s article about being the perfect girl.


I found out that feminism is about gender equality. Eli, Karen, and all these resources helped me become stronger by not being so afraid to stand up for yourself. Feminism is about loving yourself and knowing your worth. It empowers you and others. Feminism has a lot to do with the “other:” to show compassion and respect.

I don’t really know how to end this post, so just enjoy the nice photos of Eli.

SEE HOW CUTE SHE IS??? Thank you, Eli, for the shoot + fun timez haha!

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