Introductions were never my strong suit, so let’s keep this simple.

Hi, I’m Nadine Felice. You may know me from my Youtube channel, where I post lifestyle* content, alongside some super personal, heart-to-heart peptalks. Ultimately, my goal for my Youtube channel is to be your online bff, learning and growing together, figuring life out.

*I have no idea what “lifestyle” is, but I’m using it as an umbrella term for fashion, beauty, ~life~ things.

Prior to starting my own Youtube channel, I shared a channel, “Anna & Felice,” with my close friend, Annalyn. Here, we posted fashion lookbooks, showcasing our personal style and favorite trends.

But, okay, my online story doesn’t start there… I used to own 2 blogs, a fashion one on Blogspot called “Stop, Drop, & Dres Up,” and a personal Tumblr blog under my own name. In my personal blog, I would post semi-interesting and semi-daily content of my 13-year old life. That’s so crazy to think about now, how a thirteen-year-old would narrate her life online, but I’ve met such amazing people during my Tumblr years. They are people who are extremely creative and intentional, people I look up to.

Recently, I got to reconnect and collaborate with an old friend, Sab Quinones. She shot the portraits I’m sharing now, and it made me feel so nostalgic about Tumblr and blogging and meeting creatives and having shoots with people. I felt really inspired that day, so here goes one of my goals for 2017: to grow as a creative and collaborate with more people.

With all the online platforms I’ve just mentioned, me, transferring to one to the other, I’ve finally found the courage to rent my own space online. I’m not leaving Youtube, in case it sounded like I was, because producing videos and talking to the camera is really a passion of mine. This blog will house different content, things that I can’t share in video form.

I’m feeling very hopeful and excited about this and I hope you are too.

– Nadine Felice

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  1. welcome back to blogging! Hehe new reader here, I got to find your find from your Youtube channel! 🙂

    Will be looking forward to more posts from you, hope we get to know each other better 🙂

  2. Hi nadine I’ve been reading your blog since stop,drop and dress up days and it’s really nice to see your growth as a blogger (whether it is on blogspot or youtube). More power to your blog! God bless

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