a lookout

Before stepping onto the venue for the Penguin Parade, our tour guide stopped at this lovely lookout. The waves, the breeze, and the almost-sunset lighting were perfection.

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sunset at Phillip Island

Philip Island’s gorgeous sunset graced my eyes while I waited for the foot-long penguinsĀ to wade their way up to the beach front. The colors of the waters and sky made the wait worthwhile. When the sun went down, little penguins started to surface from the water in batches, and they made their way up to their homes. It’s prohibited to take photos of the penguins for the preservation of the park. Even so, this was an experience I would never forget.

*cue: “when the waves are flooding the shore and I can’t find my way home anymore…” imy, Miley

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farmer dreams in full force

My trip to Australia last Summer ranks high on my “favorite places I’ve visited” list. Some of its highlights include seeing breathtaking sceneries, petting fluffy animals, and meeting my little cousins. For the next couple of posts, I will be sharing some photos I was able to take during my stay there. I hope you will enjoy them!

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