my ateneo

In true ~sentimental senior~ fashion, I walked around campus armed with a (disposable film) camera, wanting to capture and to remember what Ateneo looked like “when I was there.” I was excited for whatever the future holds, but a part of me wanted to clutch onto my four-year Familiar.

Familiar wasn’t always familiar. It started with Change. It started with bug-eyed, 1D fangirl, freshman Nadine, who was obsessed with ducks, who would wear funky printed socks every day. It started with her feeling intimidated by it all. She wasn’t used to the size of the campus. She wasn’t used to seeing so many people she didn’t know. She wanted to cry during the¬†first day of class because she hadn’t memorized the way around Ateneo. It scared her. But facing the unfamiliar, reaps great results. She would know after four years.

Driving change, are Firsts. First college bud, first org project, first oral examination, first 100, first college party. Going through firsts gives you knowledge and experience, allowing you to decide on how to go about the Second, or whether there will even be a second. You grow stronger and hopefully wiser by the end of a First.

The problem with Familiar is that it may lead to comfort.¬†Ateneo was familiar because Ateneo is Ateneo, but Ateneo will never be amounted to being just “comfortable” because¬†there are still bountiful challenges to overcome there if you ask for it. However, the ticking time bomb of a four-year course has long exploded, and Ateneo had already said “Come back to soon” to me even before I can process what was happening.

And so I’m here again. Currently. Wide-eyed, fresh graduate from the Ateneo Nadine feeling intimidated by what the world outside Familiar would mean.¬†I know that the unfamiliar would force firsts and change to me¬†and if at sixteen I could do it, then who’s stopping me at twenty?





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Meet Eli (I call her eliwelipeli.) This girl’s always up for anything. When I shot her, I was telling her to do some weeeeird poses (that didn’t make to cut, sad to say the least HAHA!) and she STILL DID THEM. GO ELI! HAHA!¬†I met her freshman year in college and she, along with our friend, Karen, actually opened up my eyes to the issue of gender inequality.

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the daily

I had a breeze shooting with¬†Lauren Espino¬†last week. She’s such a natural poser! This is the first of three sets we shot that day and I can’t wait to release the rest. I was so tired by the end of the shoot, but since I take photos of my friends during my breaks, I still had to attend my 3-hour Digital Marketing class. At least I’m being creative-productive, right?

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a lookout

Before stepping onto the venue for the Penguin Parade, our tour guide stopped at this lovely lookout. The waves, the breeze, and the almost-sunset lighting were perfection.

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On Campus

Looking a bit stressed during this photoset, as it was shot in between classes, during my break, on a school day. Nonetheless, I’m pleased with the photos THE _positivity (Aya Cabauatan) shot of me. We shot this a¬†week ago, when the weather was a bit cooler, unlike the sweltering heat we’ve been experiencing these days. I still can’t believe that these photos were taken on campus. Ateneo is REALLY beautiful and sometimes, I just can’t help but admire how the light hits certain buildings or shines through trees.

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Jill Chan

Played dress up with Jill last Thursday. She and I’ve been friends for almost 14 years, and so we’ve literally grown up alongside each other. I am so proud how much she has accomplished, and how beautiful her outlook on life is. We threw petals on the ground and armed ourselves with our cameras that afternoon. She shot me (Jill is a PRO) & I got to shoot her. We were inspired by the flowers she got (hehe #Vday #maylovelifesiya #akowala) I cannot wait to work on more passion projects with this girl!

Check out her layout of me + her other amazing shoots at her blog:

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Posh Possibilities

Daphne Siy and Candis Yu

Two Saturdays ago, I played photographer and shot my high school friends /slash/ blogger duo, Daphney Siy¬†and Candis Yu of Posh Possibilities. Yay for collaborating with people I’ve known for years and years. I’ve never really taken photos of anyone other than my mother before so I was super excited to see what it’s like to be behind the lens. I’m really pleased that these two girls were my first models. I have so much to learn about photography so I’m excited that I’ve taken my first step into delving into this!

These photos that I’m sharing are actually the second set we shot that day, so be on the lookout for when I post the first set. Also, don’t forget to check their blog out for your dose of fashion.

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